The Ten Commandments

 Of The Diesel Engine

Author Unknown

From The Archives of the Groton Training Station Engineman School - Circa 1958



Thy Diesel is thine engine; Thou shalt keep it clean and in adjustment that thy life in its company may be long and thy Captain may increase thy rate.



Know thine engine in all its parts and functions, else thou shalt be beached in some unholy spot.



Be not wise in thine own conceit; Remember thie engine's factory instructions and know them wholly, lest repairs be thy undoing.



Be thou not loose in the jaw hinges, for no man knoweth all about Diesel. The truly wise absorb much knowledge. but giveth little, save on request, he who shall doeth shall gain great repute among his fellows and the favor of his superiors.



For all things in this life that thee desire, thou shalt pay plenty, and for the wisdom of experience no less. Advice from the multitude usually costeth nothing, and is generally worth just that.



From books on Diesel practice thou mayest learn what to do and when; but only thine own experience or the lips of man truly wise can tell thee, with smoke that damneth before all knowing observers.



God maketh the earth to rotate endlessly without bearings and lubrication; leave not thine engine so, else thou shalt be blistered by the Captain's wrath.



Curse thou not thine engine when it turneth not; curse rather thine own stupidity.



Steam and gas engines may long operate though "sloppy" - thy Diesel not so; with gauges and mikes be thou always busy.



The eternal eye watcheth as the earth rotates on it's axis without oil or bearings, but thou shalt not rely upon it as to thine engine; thine own eternal vigilance is the price thou payest for thy job.


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