By Bob Gaut

Horror done by dogs so black
As they rip us in the back.
Injury done by those we hold
Dear to us, the U.S.S. Cole.
Anger mounts as women weep.
There's no safety if we sleep.
Evil has a faceless form
At the apex of the storm.
Yemen is an outlaw state
Filled with seductive hate.

Anger mounts as women weep.
Where's the safety if we sleep?
Where is justice under the sun?
Bless the sailors; life is done.
Mongers of such hate proclaim
There is glory in their shame.
Strike a blow for evil's cause;
Angry men with wicked flaws.
Where are dreams one may nurse
To design a cleaner universe?

Peace makers are a lonesome lot.
Peace, a practice time forgot.
Now too late for those held dear.
Hatred nourished by deep fear.
Close one eye, say a prayer.
Sailors be vigilant and aware.
Terror is a well known beast
Portioned in the middle-east.
Anger mounts as women weep
For sailors in eternal sleep.

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