This early sea story may be a fabricationů.


Author Unknown

A revenue cutterman and a pirate were drinking at a waterfront bar and they proceed to swap sea stories. The cutterman noted the pirate's peg leg, eye patch and hook.

"So tell me," asks the cutterman, "how did you come to lose that leg?"

"Arrgh," says the pirate, "'Twas a black squall swept me overboard. Whilst in the water, a shark snapped me leg off and I've had this peg leg ever since."

"Wow!" says the cutterman. "And how'd you get the hook?"

"We was fighting at close quarters," says the pirate. "Some scurvy dog with a cutlass hacked me hand off and I've had this hook ever since."

"Amazing!" says the cutterman. "And what about the eye patch?"

"Arrgh," says the pirate. "'Twas a seagull pooped in me eye."

"A seagull?" asks the cutterman, a bit incredulous.

"Well, I should explain," says the pirate. "'Twas me first day with the new


Ed Comment - Seamond, have we you to thank for this tale of the Old Guard?

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