From The Mackinaw Weekly Rag - February 1956



It just seems that Cheboygan residents are no longer safe so the police have mounted a drive for ......

Local Cheboygan police have started an all out campaign to apprehend violators. Al Galau (our fearless tractor driver) is the latest victim of their plotting. Sometime Saturday afternoon the police planted a large tree in the middle of Mackinaw Avenue where it was struck by Al on his return from a fishing trip. Galau has distinguished himself by becoming our only member of the Polar Bear Club on this trip. Damage to Al's automobile was rather great and he intends to see Judge Hagadome this afternoon. It must be remembered that contributions by MACKINAW crewmen have consistently swelled the city's treasury. Galau's attorney Quisenberry says "33 dollars in a case like this."

On a related matter, a Gunner's Mate was run down by a truck. Reigel, GM3 of the MACKINAW reported being run down by a semi-truck while on his way to the Norlan Inn to purchase a large bottle of Pepsi Cola. It seems our law-abiding citizens such as Red should be treated better by fate. Just lately, someone out a bridge in front of Red's car while he was underway.





From "We've Been There" by Esther Stormer 1992 - Reprinted by Permission

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