They Got Me Going and Going

By Don Opedal 


In 1982 I was assigned as the Commanding Officer of Loran Station Lampedusa. Lampedusa is a small Italian island, about at 120 miles southwest of Sicily, 70 miles north of Tunisia (Africa) and 93 miles west of Malta in the Mediterranean with a total area of about 12 square miles.  Most of our logistics support came from Naval Air Facility Sigonella on the island of Sicily. 

I arrived at Lampedusa in July and was invited to a party at Sigonella in September.  They would fly a C-1 over to pick me up along with some seafood for the party.  (Actually, I think they really wanted the seafood and I was just an excuse.)   Rather than going through the paperwork of orders I just took the leave that I was going to lose at the end of the month anyway.  I arranged for a normal logistics flight for my return.  However, when I checked in at the MAC terminal with my leave papers they charged me $10 for the flight.  Darn!  The next time I asked the crew to get me on the flight by bypassing the terminal. (Gotcha Number One)

In 1988 I was assigned to Maintenance and Logistics Command Pacific.  The head of the Electronics Maintenance Detachment Honolulu, Don Perillo, and I made a quick tour of all of the remote 14th District Loran Stations.  Two of the stations, Iwo Jima and Marcus Island, were supported by the Air Force out of Yokota AFB, Japan.  We arranged to catch the weekly logistics flight to each station, spend ground time at the station and fly back.  The flight was solely to support the station.

However, since Don and I were on orders we were charged several hundred dollars for airfare to each station!  Some Air Force personnel flying to Iwo Jima Space Available were charged the $10 fee.

They Navy and the Air Force got me going and going! (Gotcha Number Two.)



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