During the first few days or weeks after a “Newbie” checks aboard his first duty station, it's a common practice for the rest of the crew to attempt to "educate him or her".



By Jerold Wanek



I was fresh out of AT"N" school, received my "Crow" and was assigned to CGAS Elizabeth City N.C. as my first duty station. As the new guy, I was given different assignments as to go get a bucket of "Prop Wash" etc. Of course having been around aviation since a teenager, I didn't fall for any of their try’s at "Gotcha." After the first day, the guys kind of gave up on me as they could see I wasn't to be had.

About the third or fourth day on base, I was working with the ground crew securing an aircraft that had just returned from a night flight.

I had just finished with the tie down on the starboard wing and walked around to the port side of the plane.  Four or five of the ground crew were looking up under the port engine discussing a possible fuel leak. Their flashlights were trained on the part of the wing directly under and behind the engine as they were straining to see where the leak was coming from. I walked to the puddle on the ground under the engine and tried to identify the color of the liquid. As it was fairly dark it was difficult to see if it was a fuel color or hydraulic red.  So being the very efficient sailor, I swiped my fingers across and through the puddle then brought my finger under my nose to give it a sniff.    


It wasn't hydraulic fuel and it wasn't gasoline.   


THEY GOT ME.   !!!!!!!

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