What Wasn't Taught In RM School

By Louis Moore


One morning about 0100 the Radioman called me to alert me that we had a boat aground in the Delaware River. I, being full asleep, asked him if there were any injuries and he said, "not that he was aware of." I requested that he get in touch with me when the situation resolved itself.

He called me back 15 minutes later and said we still had the boat aground and I asked him if anything had changed. and he said no. We hung up.

He called back again in five minutes and told me I had better get my 'blankety-blank butt' down to the OOD's office because we still had a boat aground. I calmly asked him if the ship has no oil coming from it and there were no injuries, why would he need me there?  I also asked him this time how many people were on the boat? He calmly told me the Captain and Exec were also there. The boat he calmly said was 480 feet long and had approximately 1600 people on it. It was a Cruise Ship and coming into port.

I have never gotten dressed so fast and reported to the office as I did then. When I entered the office the Captain asked me where I had been. I did some quick thinking and told him I had a stomach virus and had gotten there as quick as I could. He told me he had the same thing before he left his house.

All was forgotten then.

Later on I explained to the new radioman the difference between a boat and a ship.. Something that evidently wasn't taught in RM School.

Go Figure!


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