Hartley A. Loertscher


In 1941 I was stationed at the Direction Finder Station at Point Reyes, California about 40 miles north of San Francisco. There were three in that area, Point Reyes, Farallon Islands, and one South of San Francisco that could pin point the location of a ship coming into the Bay area. I am not to sure how all of this worked but morse code was used. At that time the Direction Finder Station on The Farallon Islands was manned by the Navy.

A ship coming in the fog asked for a location. It was immediately pin pointed.

The operator aboard ship sent back according to this location, we are now in the St. Francis Hotel.

The Navy operator on the Farallon Islands radioed back, "Tell me what floor you are on and I will assign you to a room." The ship operator reported him and he was fined $75.00 for improper conduct.

The San Franclsco Examlner (newspaper) heard about what had happened and paid the operator on The Farallon Islands $125.00 for the story.

Go figure?

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