One Man's Tribute to World War II Veterans

By Harry R. Carter, Ph.D., MIFireE


Lord let us pause to remember them all:
who answered our country's danger call.
They came from the east, north, south and west:
to give their all - to protect the rest.

As war clouds broke in the far off distance:
they trained with diligence and persistence.
Warm memories of home carried them through the days:
so often long and fraught with frustration and delays.

The time for battle drew close, so near;
their destination was war, their companion fear.
They did their job, a most deadly task;
No quarter did they give nor quarter ask.

Through jungles, over deserts, in the chill winters night:
They battled the enemy and drove home the fight.
To the enemy's door step they fought and bled:
They knew this was the only path to home which led.

When the fight was over and the battles done:
The foe was vanquished and the war was won.
Our people came back to the freedom they'd earned
To a land of freedom that the enemy had spurned.

In public and private they resolutely vowed
To honor the dead both in private and aloud.
The lessons of war to keep brightly alight
to honor the lives which were lost in the fight.

As the years flew by with increasing speed;
fewer people would pause, the lessons to heed.
Of what happens when freedom is taken for granted:
By those whose views are selfish or slanted.

Their ranks grow thinner with each passing year:
As they pause, another bugle call they hear.
Those people who answered the danger call
Now one by one - by the wayside fall.

God bless them and keep them but most of all
Please give us the strength to answer the call.
For freedom's a blessing you'll surely agree.
But its price is the blood of people like you and me.

In memory of Colonel Harry B. Carter, AUS Retired (1922-1988)
a Combat Veteran of World War II who answered the call to arms
in April of 1940, while still a senior at Freehold High School.

With Permission
2000 Harry R. Carter, Ph.D.