by Matt S. Gann

We bled together, we cried together,
Those days on that ship.
It was Hell on high seas,
For through the Bering we ripped.


This was years ago, mind you,
Before everything had changed.
Now the "Yoc" is long gone,
But our memories still remain.


Scattered are they now,
From sea across to sea.
Those men I called brothers,
If they ever think of me?


We learned fast, we learned hard,
We learned 'til we were seasoned.
'Because I can!' was Captain's motto,
And often with less reason.


We were all young back then,
And so eager to be.
But we found our true selves,
At the mercy of that sea.

"Rejoice young man, while in thy youth" - Ecclesiastes 11:9


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