True Confessions .......


By Jack McCormack

While I was on the Castle Rock or the Casco (I can't remember which, but it was a big white WAVP with no Madison Avenue Racing stripe) we lost our radar and needed a part delivered. A C130 out of Elizabeth City flew out to Ocean Station "whatever" and dropped it off. I remember, as I saw her tail heading back to Elizabeth City. Those guys will be home tonight and we'll be out here for two more weeks before even heading home with maybe a stop in Argentia, Newfoundland.

Some years later, while in OCS, a classmate mentioned flight training and I remembered that scene .......... Sign me up for that briar patch!

My only regret: While TAD at Elizabeth City prior to flight training, I was brainwashed into helicopters being where the action is in Coast Guard aviation. That's very true, you can't rescue anyone with a C130. However, after primary flight training, flying the T34 and the T28, had I picked multi-engine rather than helicopters, most likely the Coast Guard would still have transitioned me into helicopters later, the best of both worlds.

Flying the HU16 is a lot of fun, water take-offs and landings and such, and the C130 is just a great aircraft, four motors to keep you safely in the air. I do have a little time in both. Hey, quit bitching, I got to fly the best flying the WORLD has to offer, U.S. Coast Guard Aviation.

Moral of the story, "The best brown shoes wore black shoes first." - Jack, this webmaster.

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